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    English proficiency: Mexico ranks 88 out of 111 countries

    In the 2022 EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI (pdf)), Mexico ranks 88 out of 111 countries with 447 points out of 700. The country with the best results is the Netherlands (661 points).

    Ranking in Latin America (see also the added image):

    1. Argentina (662)
    2. Costa Rica (636)
    3. Cuba (636)
    4. Paraguay (626)
    5. Bolivia (626)
    6. Chile (624)
    7. Honduras (622)
    8. Uruguay (621)
    9. El Salvador (619)
    10. Peru (517)
    11. Dominican Republic (514)
    12. Brazil (505)
    13. Guatemala (505)
    14. Nicaragua (499)
    15. Venezuela (492)
    16. Panama (482)
    17. Colombia (477)
    18. Ecuador (466)
    19. Mexico (447)
    20. Haiti (421)

    Johan Klok

    The Sky: the first skyscraper in southeastern Mexico

    Skyscraper The Sky is currently under construction in Mérida. It will have 36 floors. The 160 meters tall skyscraper is scheduled to open in 2023. Inside the skyscraper, you will find offices, restaurants (including a rooftop restaurant), stores, clinics, and a wellness center.

    Website: The Sky.

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    Starlink is now available in all parts of Mexico

    Internet satellite service Starlink now has 100% coverage in Mexico. The installation price is 14,300 pesos. The montly supscription fee is 2,299 pesos. 

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    LGBTQ+ accredited cities and businesses in Mexico

    To promote inclusive and diverse tourism, the Federal Ministry of Tourism gives LGBTQ+ accreditations to cities and companies in the tourism sector. 

    Until now, the following cities and companies have been accredited in 2022.

    Cities: Los Cabos (Baja California Sur)

    Hotels: W Mexico City, Hyatt Regency Mexico City, Thompson Playa del Carmen, Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen, TRS Coral Hotel (Cancún), The Westin Guadalajara, Hostik Hostal (Mérida), and TRS Yucatán Hotel (Playa del Carmen), and 19 hotels of City Hotels.

    Car rental companies: AVASA-Hertz.

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    Two U.S. tourists injured by a crocodile in Puerto Vallarta

    CBS News reported that two U.S. tourists were injured by a crocodile in Puerto Vallarta. One man was attacked while swimming in the ocean at night. He suffered bites to his legs, arm, abdomen and chest. A second man went into the ocean to help him. This man suffered a wound to his hand. Both men were given first aid at the scene.

    The wetlands and shores in Puerto Vallarta are inhabited and visited by crocodiles.

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    32% of the Mexican population has a tattoo

    Comunique Yucatán reports that 32% of the Mexican population has at least one tattoo, according to a study by the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Research shows that Italy is the country with the most tattooed people. 48% of Italy's population is tattooed. After Italy follow Sweden, the United States, Australia, and Argentina. 

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    Yucatán coronavirus statistics July 21, 2022

    To give you an impression of coronavirus stiuation in Yucatán we give you the statistics of July 21, 2022. On this days there were 2 fatalities and 590 people infected with coronavirus.

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    22% of Spain’s population can hold a conversation in English