Expat Meetings

Almost every day there are places where expats meet. See Where to meet expats in Cuenca for an overview of venues.

Websites for Expats

Avenue MIA is not the only website with information for expats in Cuenca. As can be expected in a relatively large expat community, there are more websites that are interesting to read.

Cuenca Highlife was one of the first websites aimed at expats in Cuenca. We especially recommend this website for people interested in political news.

YapaTree publishes informative articles, maintains an events calendar, offers properties on its website and also sells discount cards. YapaTree was created by purchasing website GringoTree. GringoTree was a household name among expats in Cuenca in the first half of the last decade.

GringoPost is a kind of marketplace for expats. It originated as a free alternative to GringoTree when GringoTree started charging for posting events to its event calendar. In the meantime, GringoPost has also changed ownership.

Facebook Groups

We have our own (public) Facebook Group where we post about news that is relevant for expats in Cuenca and around: Cuenca Expats and Travelers.

Other Facebook Groups for expats are Cuenca Expats and Friends, Young expats and English speakers Cuenca (#YEES) and Cuenca Yapas & Friends.