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Cartagena de Indias

Author: Johan Klok | Last update: November 13, 2021
Plaza de los Coches, Cartagena


1,028,000 inhabitants
Charming colonial architecture
Great nightlife
Vibrant culture

See & Do

One of Cartagena best attractions are Las Murallas, the defensive walls that surround Cartagena's historic city center. During sunset you can enjoy epic views from the walls.

Museum of Modern Art of Cartagena

Plaza de los Coches

Sanctuary of San Pedro Claver

Events, Holidays & Celebrations

Creation of the Navy

The Colombian Navy was founded on July 24, 1923. To commemorate this, every year on this date, the Navy holds an early morning march in the Bocagrande district.

Eating & Drinking

Terraza Municipal

Entertainment & Nightlife


  • You can find popular nightlife areas are around the Plaza de los Coches in the Walled City and the Calle Media Luna in Getsemaní.
  • There is active nightlife on all days.
  • Bars and discos are open until 2 AM or 3 AM on weekdays and until 5 AM on the weekends.
  • Expect to pay cover fees in discos and places with live music.
  • Popular musical genres are reggaetón, salsa, champeta, and electronic music.


Champeta is a musical genre from the Caribbean coast of Ecuador. It shows influences from African colonial settlements and contemporary African culture.

Shops & Markets

Mallplaza Cartagena

Plaza La Serrezuela



Gas, water, and electricity

Health & Medical

How to travel to Cartagena

Cartagena Airport


Local authority: Municipality of Cartagena de Indias