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Author: Johan Klok | Last update: November 13, 2021


10 km east of Cuenca
A higher average temperature than in Cuenca
Home to Cuenca's most prestigious private school

Shops & Markets

Challuabamba's range of shops shows that this village is above average prosperous.


Plazangel is a small shopping center at the entrance of the village. Here you will find, among other things, an Italdeli (butcher shop), Tutto Freddo (ice-cream shop), and a dentist.

Plaza Sur

Plaza Sur is larger shopping center on the other side of the village. This shopping center includes a large Tienda del Sur supermarket, a Pio Pio chicken restaurant, a MonteBlanco ice cream parlor, a bakery, and several other shops.



Outline & Neighborhoods

Challuabamba is similar to an American suburb. Most of the houses are detached. Not all roads are paved.

How to travel to Challuabamba


To get to Challuabamba, you can take citybus 28 from Cuenca. The bus trip from the city center of Cuenca to Challuabamba is about 30 to 40 minutes.


The price of taking a taxi from the city center of Cuenca to Challuabamba is about $ 5. The duratation is about 25 minutes.


Challuabamba is part of the municipality of Cuenca.