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Story by Johan Klok Avenue MIA today

test story

test story

Story by Johan Klok Avenue MIA two days ago

IESS cannot attend all patients because of IT problems

IESS has problems with its IBM AS/400 server. Therefore, patients cannot make appointments and IESS cannot attend all patients with appointments.

Question by Alan McGee two days ago

What is a yapa?

I read about it when I was reading about gringo prices.

Question by Jennifer Montero two days ago

Where can I buy used appliances and furniture in Cuenca?

Question by Scott Johnson two days ago

Which Covid test accepts LATAM airlines for flights from Manta to Quito?

Question by Kimberlee Jones two days ago

Where to spend some days on the coast?

I want to spend some days on the Ecuadorian coast before traveling back to the states from Guayaquil beginning of July. Any recommendations where I can stay?

Question by Jack Smith two days ago

Where can I rent a self-storage unit in Cuenca?

for when we are out of the country for a bit

Story by Johan Klok Avenue MIA three days ago

Digital nomad visa will be officialy launched in June

Minister of tourism Niels Olsen made a comment on Twitter in which he stated that the digital nomad visa will be officially launched at the end of June. Nevertheless, it's already possible to obtain this visa and several people have already obtained this visa.

Story by Johan Klok Avenue MIA March 28, 2022

Heavy rainfall causes landslides in Sayausí

Heavy rainfall has caused landslides in Sayausí, a parish west of Cuenca and part of the metropolitan area.

There are people trapped between debris and more than six homes are in danger.

One person drowned in the Tomebamba river.

Story by Johan Klok Avenue MIA March 27, 2022

Magnitude 6.0 earthquake in Esmeraldas

Last night, there was a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in Esmeraldas at 23:28. The earthquake was centered 12 kilometers from the city of Esmeraldas in the ocean. 87 homes were affected, from which at least two were destroyed. A hospital and the ECU-911 building also has damage. One person died after suffering a heart attack.

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