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Hospital Miguel H. Alcívar

Public Hospital Miguel H. AlcĂ­var was demolished during the earthquake of April 2016 and is currently being rebuilt. The hospital is now temporarily housed at the foot of the bridge to San Vicente.

The history of this hospital goes back to 1976 when its construction started. In 1987 (eleven years later), the hospital was inaugurated. During the earthquake of 1998, the building was damaged, but the hospital continued to operate. The earthquake of 2016 caused so much damage that the hospital building had to be demolished.

The rebuilding of the hospital was plagued with legal issues over the ownership of the building site. When construction finally started, it turned out that the designers had forgotten some essential areas, including an intensive care unit. These will now be added. The current status is that the shell of the building is now complete.

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Avenida 3 de Noviembre, Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador