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Ballenita Guide

Author: Johan Klok | Last update: January 8, 2022

See & Do

Climate & Environment

Ballenita is located in a semi-arid zone. From December through June, most days are sunny. From July through November, most days have overcast skies. Throughout the whole year, it's warm.

Shops & Markets

Where to stay

HosterĂ­a Farallon Dillon



Potable water is available in most areas. Aguapen is the local water utility company.

How to travel to Ballenita

From Cuenca

Until the beginning of January 2020 CLP operated direct buses between the Cuenca Bus Terminal in Cuenca and the Santa Elena Bus Terminal in Santa Elena ($14, about 6 hours). Until this bus service is resumed you can first take a bus to the Guayaquil Bus Terminal and from the Guayaquil Bus Terminal a CLP bus to the Santa Elena Bus Terminal. The Santa Elena Bus Terminal is located just over the border with Santa Elena.

How to get around Ballenita


You can use urban buses to travel within the urban area of La Libertad, Santa Elena, Ballenita, and Salinas. The price for a single ride is $.036, which you can pay when you enter your bus.