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Resident visas for Ecuador

Johan Klok | Last update: January 3, 2022

Temporary resident visas

With a temporary resident visa, you can stay in Ecuador for two years.

Valid for two years
You can renew a temporary resident visa unlimited times
There is no time limit on how long you can be outside of Ecuador
After staying in Ecuador for 21 continuous months, you may apply for a permanent resident visa

Visa types

There are various temporary resident visa types. The most popular visas with their main requirements are:

Pensioner visaPension of at least $425 per month
Investor visaInvestment of at least $42,500
Professional visaUniversity degree (a program of a least four years)
Rentier visaFixed income of at least $425 per month

Spouses and children

Spouses and children can get a dependent visa. When you have a dependent visa, you are covered by the main visa holder (your spouse or one of your parents).

The visas of spouses and children are not canceled if something happens to the main visa holder.


A married couple moves to Ecuador. One of them applies for a pensioner visa. This person is the main visa holder. The spouse applies for a dependent visa. Twelve months after obtaining their visas, the main visa holder gets into an accident and dies. The visa of the spouse is not canceled, which means that the spouse can stay in Ecuador until the expiration of the dependent visa (in this example, twelve months are left).


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