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Author: Johan Klok | Last update: November 12, 2021

Climate & Environment

Manglaralto has two seasons: a wet season and a dry season.

The wet season runs from December through June. Almost all days have abundant sunshine in the morning and the afternoon. When it rains, the rain usually falls during the evening and night hours. The temperatures are about 30°C (86°) during the day. Because of the high humidity, it may feel hotter than the actual temperature is.

The dry season starts in June and runs through November. July still has sunny days, but from August to November, almost all days are grey. Having a sunny day is a matter of luck. The temperatures are between 20 and 24°C (68-75°F), and the humidity is lower. For many expats, the dry season is more comfortable than the wet season.

Shops & Markets

Gorilla Delivery is a local delivery service that operates in the area between Cadeate and La Entrada. You can give them your grocery list and they will make sure that your groceries will be delivered at your home.



Manglarto is not connected to any water facility. Instead, a local government company pumps water from the ground. Due to drought, water is often only available for a few hours a day. Days without any water also occur. Many people, therefore, maintain their supply of water by using a cistern. However, the water is not drinkable.


Electricity in is provided by CNEL. Power outages do occur, but not as often as they used to.


Fiber optic internet is offered in several parts of Manglaralto. We recommend contracting Netlife if possible.

Garbage collection

Garbage collection takes place four times per week in Manglaralto.

Health & Medical

How to travel to Manglaralto

From Guayaquil (by bus)

The bus company Cooperativa Libertad Peninsular (CLP) offers a direct bus service the Guayaquil Bus Terminal and Montañita/Olón. After arriving in Montañita you can take a short (5 minutes) taxi trip to Manglaralto for $1.50.

The duration of this direct bus trip is 3 hours. They are offered every hour or every two hours during the day. The price of a ticket is about $7.20. There are no night busses.

CLP has its ticket offices on the third floor of the Guayaquil Bus Terminal and along the Ruta del Spondylus in Montañita.

An alternative is to first travel from the Guayaquil Bus Terminal to the Santa Elena Bus Terminal in Santa Elena. Several bus companies (CLP, Costa Azul CICA, Liberpesa) offer frequent services (about every 20 minutes) between these terminals. The duration of the trip is two hours, and the price is about $4.30. You can buy your ticket at windows 86 to 88 on the ground floor of the Guayaquil Bus Terminal. In the Santa Elena Bus Terminal you can buy a ticket for a local bus to Manglaralto. Bus services are offered about every 20 minutes by bus companies TransManglaralto and CITUP. The price for a ticket is about $2,00. The duration is approximately one hour. The last bus to Manglaralto usually leaves at 8 PM from the Santa Elena Bus Terminal.

From Guayaquil (by taxi)

A private taxi from Guayaquil to Manglaralto costs about $120.

From Guayaquil (by car)

Most parts of the road between Guayaquil and Olón are in a good state. Be aware that there are almost every day speed checks on the Vía a la Costa, the road between Guayaquil and Santa Elena. There is one toll booth west of Guayaquil ($1,50). Some villages along the coast have thresholds that are difficult to see in the dark.

From Salinas, La Libertad, Ballenita (by bus)

From the Santa Elena Bus Terminal, you can take a local TransManglaralto or CITUP bus to Manglaralto. Ticket price: about $2. Duration: approximately 1.15 hours. Frequency: about every 20 minutes. Last departure: 8 PM.

From Salinas, La Libertad, Ballenita (by taxi)

Taking a cab from Salinas and around to Manglaralto costs about $25-30, depending on your place of departure.

From Montañita

Taking a cab from Montañita to Manglaralto costs $1.50. An alternative is taking a TransManglaralto or CITUP bus. By bike it will take less than 10 minutes to arrive in Manglaralto, with a fast electric bike around 5 minutes.