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News Story - August 24, 2021

Ecuador wants to issue digital nomad visas

Johan Klok

A place for co-working in Quito.
A place for co-working in Quito

By introducing a visa aimed at digital nomads, Ecuador hopes to attract people who spend money earned abroad in Ecuador.

Requirements and characteristics

The Ecuadorian digital nomad visa will have requirements, but at the same time, the government wants it to be competitive compared to visas from other countries.

Proposed requirements for the Ecuadorian digital nomad visa:

Other characteristics of the Ecuadorian digital nomad visa:

When will the digital nomad visa be available?

The government hopes to make the digital nomad visa available in the coming weeks. This will make Ecuador the first South American country that offers a special visa for digital nomads.

Other countries with visas aimed at digital nomads

There are currently 18 countries that offer visas for digital nomads. In this part of the world, Bermuda, Barbados, Costa Rica, and Panama offer this type of visa. These countries introduced digital nomad visas to stimulate their economies after the COVID-19 crisis.

Source: El Universo.


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