News Story - August 10, 2021

Encouraging numbers of tourists during the last holiday

Johan Klok

Ayangue, a town between Salinas and Montañita
Ayangue, a town between Salinas and Montañita.

Last weekend and yesterday were a short (three-day) holiday period in Ecuador. The number of tourists who went on holiday these days is encouraging.

Some numbers per province:

Santa Elena and Guayas

  • The CTE (traffic police) counted 60,000 vehicles that crossed the Chongón toll station during the holiday. The Chongón toll station is located on the road between Guayaquil and the coast (Vía a La Costa)
  • In the province of Santa Elena, the busiest places were Montañita and Salinas
  • In the province of Guayas, Playas was the busiest place.


  • In Manabí, the occupation rate of Hotels was 80%, according to the Association of Hoteliers.
  • The cities and towns with the most visitors were Manta, Pedernales, Crucita, and Puerto López.
  • In Crucita, the access to the beach was closed because the allowed capacity of 1,300 people was reached.


  • In the province of Esmeraldas, the occupation rate of hotels was 80%, according to the Association of Hoteliers.
  • The cities and towns of Esmeraldas, Atacames, Tonsupa, Same, Mompiche, and Muisne received about 60,000 tourists, according to the Provincial Chamber of Tourism.
  • The canton with the most visits was Atacames.


  • In Azuay, the expectations of the tourism sector were exceeded. The Provincial Chamber of Tourism had expected hotel occupancy to reach 50%, but during the three-day holiday, it reached 80%.

Source: El Telégrafo.