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News Story - August 10, 2021

Manta will have smart street lighting

Johan Klok

The Avenida Malecón in Manta (Tarqui district).
The Avenida Malecón in Manta (Tarqui district).

Manta will be the second Ecuadorian city with smart street lighting. More than 1,200 streetlights will be installed on Avenida Malecón and the road between the seaport and their airport.

With the new lights, Manta can save 50% on energy. The lampposts are prepared for possible future installations of surveillance cameras and motion sensors.

The streetlights will be connected to a system that will alert when one of the lights turns off due to a fault. In this case, the technical team of the National Electricity Corporation (CNEL) will go repair the street light immediately without waiting for the damage to be reported through other channels.

Source: Infórmate Manabí.