News Story - July 10, 2021

The elderly receive a discount for using the internet

Johan Klok

To improve the opportunities of the elderly, president Lasso announced today discounts on mobile plans and fixed internet plans. These discounts are part of Lasso's Plan Adulto Mayor. The president expects that these discounts will attract more internet users among the elderly, which will reduce the digital divide in Ecuador. More than 1 million older people can benefit from these discounts.

The free services for users of mobile plans (including prepaid plans) include:

  • 200 minutes to call to fixed lines and all mobile operators
  • all calls to numbers of the same operator
  • 200 messages
  • 5 GB for browsing
  • 2 GB for collaborative platforms (Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom are examples)
  • megabytes for an instant messaging platform (Whatsapp is an example)

Plans for fixed internet will have a discount of 50%.

Source: El Comercio.