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News Story - August 10, 2021

Warning for strong winds in the Yunguilla Valley

Johan Klok

Strong winds in Quito, Ecuador.
This is an illustrative picture which shows strong winds in Quito.

Emergency services warn of the arrival of strong winds in the following days, which can reach a speed of 70 kilometers per hour and can cause serious damage. The cantons with the highest risk are: Pucará, Santa Isabel, Girón, and San Fernando, which are in the Jubones river basin.

The first effects of these gusts of winds have already been reported in the cantons that are in the upper part of the province of El Oro, especially Piñas, Zaruma, Portovelo, and Atahualpa. Damages have been recorded in these places in the electricity service networks of the National Electricity Corporation (CNEL) and also in telecommunications antennas. Winds have blown roofs and have caused trees to fall.


The strong winds and wind gusts are the results of temperature changes, which are especially reported in the early hours of the morning and late in the afternoon. They are also the results of the pressure difference in the atmosphere and warming. That is why they can be of greater or lesser intensity.


Recommendations to avoid damage:

  • Review the strength of roofs, knockdowns, doors, and windows.
  • Prune or remove (if necessary) trees.

Source: El Mercurio.