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Entertainment and Nightlife

The Orquesta Sinfónica de Guayaquil has its seat in the Teatro Centro Cívico Eloy Alfaro.


Shopping malls

  • Mall del Río



Medical Care



  • OMNI Hospital
  • Veris

How to travel to Guayaquil

From abroad (by air)

Guayaquil has its own international airport that connects the city to various cities in South America, Central America, North America, and Europe.

Bus Terminal

Guayaquil Bus Terminal

From Bahía de Caráquez and San Vicente

Direct bus: Reina del Camino

From Manta

Reina del Camino offers many bus services from Manta to Guayaquil.

From Montañita and Olón

Bus company Libertad Peninsular (CLP) offers a direct bus service from Montañita and Olón to the Terminal Terrestre de Guayaquil. The price is $6. The first service departs at 04:00 and the last service departs at 20:00.

From Quito (Quitumbe terminal)

San Cristobal offers bus services from Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe in Quito to Guayaquil.

From Salinas, La Libertad, Santa Elena, Ballenita (by bus)

The bus services to Guayaquil depart from Santa Elena Bus Terminal. The bus services are offered by Costa Azul CICA, Libertad Peninsular (CLP), and Liberpesa.

From Tulcán (Colombian border)

San Cristobal offers bus services from Tulcán to Guayaquil.


bus between Durán and Guayaquil
Before the COVID-19 pandamic, the 100 interprovincial buses between Durán and Guayaquil transported on average 120,000 passengers per day.


About 10,000 official taxis circulate in Guayaquil. Unfortunately, it's not safe to call a taxi off the streets in Guayaquil. Kidnappings by taxi drivers do occur. It's best to call or let call a taxi. A taxi driver then knows he can be traced back should anything happen.

Sports and Leisure


  • Multicines Mall del Río Guayaquil