Playas (Villamil)

Area Description

Eating and Drinking

There are many restaurants on the renovated boulevard that runs along the beach. Most restaurants serve tasty seafood. Don’t expect international food. Playas is primarily a resort town for working-class people from Guayaquil, which means that you will find the typical local food in the restaurants.

Entertainment and Nightlife


A Supercines movie theater is located in shopping center El Paseo Shopping.


Playas doesn't have real nightlife. On the boulevard, you can find some bars.


In recent years, Plays has made great strides in terms of shopping opportunities.

Shopping center

El Paseo Shopping is a modern indoor shopping center that is quite large for the size of the city. In this shopping center, you will find a hypermarket (Hipermarket) and various other stores. A movie theater (Supercines) is also located in this shopping center.

Grocery stores

National supermarket chains AKÍ and TÍA have stores in Playas. However, there is no Supermaxi grocery store in the city. The nearest Supermaxi stores are in Salinas and Guayaquil. This means that for some international products you will have to travel to Salinas or Guayaquil.


You can buy fresh vegetables, fruit, and fish at the Municipal Market, the city's market. This indoor market is housed in a new building.



Real Estate Investing

Local tax incentives for investors

Beginning in 2021, people who make investments in the canton of Playas can receive tax credits for six local taxes during ten years. The degree of tax credits depends on the amount of employment created and the amount spent on local labor. The minimum amount spent on local labor has to be $25,000. The tax credits cannot exceed 50% of the tax amounts that should normally be paid.

Expats and Remote Workers

About 40-50 expats live in Playas. About half of them only part-time (to avoid the cold winters in the US and Canada). They regularly organize social gatherings.



CNT and Netlife provide internet in Playas. Netlife offers fiber internet in various parts of the city. Because Netlife gets better reviews, we recommend using this company for your internet connection.


CNEL is the provider of electricity in Playas.

Medical Care

The presence of healthcare is limited in Playas. Hospital Básico Playas is a small public hospital that patients do not highly appreciate. Hospital Clínica del Pacífico is a small private hospital with a good reputation.

The nearest IESS hospital is located in Guayaquil. In Guayaquil, you will also find specialized private hospitals.


In a medical emergency, you can call 911. Hospital Básico Playas is available 24 hours for emergencies. You can call 911 for an ambulance, but the fastest and most reliable way is to arrange the transport yourself.

How to travel to Playas (Villamil)

Cooperativa de Transporte de Pasajeros Villamil and Cooperativa de Transporte Posorja offer bus services from the main bus terminal in Guayaquil to Playas.

bus to Playas, Ecuador
A bus of Cooperativa de Transporte de Pasajeros Villamil