Entry requirements for traveling to Ecuador

Johan Klok | Last update:

When you want to travel to Ecuador you have to meet a number of conditions. You may be asked to show the following documents at the border or when boarding an aircraft.

General entry requirements

1. Passport: your passport must be valid for at least six months.

2. Visa: you don't need to show a valid visa if you can travel to Ecuador visa-free as a visitor or if you are an Ecuadorian citizen (passport holder).

3. Proof of an onward travel arrangement: proof of an onward travel arrangement can be a bus or airplane ticket to another country. If you are an Ecuadorian resident or citizen, you don't need to show proof of an onward travel arrangement.

COVID-19 entry requirements

There are no COVID-19 entry requirements anymore to enter visitor. This means that you don't need to show a test result or a vaccination card.