Withdrawing money from an ATM in Ecuador

Johan Klok | Last update:

Small villages usually don’t have ATMs, but in general, it won’t be difficult to find an ATM in Ecuador to withdraw money. You may use Google Maps to find one near you.

The fee that is charged for withdrawing money from a foreign bank account is not the same for every ATM. It depends on the bank (or other company) that operates the ATM. Below we give an overview of fees that are charged by banks when you use their ATMs to withdraw money from a foreign bank account.

  • Banco del Austro: no fee (2 transactions of each $ 300 are allowed per day)
  • Banco Internacional: no fee (max $ 400 per day)
  • Banco Guayaquil: $1,50 (max $ 600 per day)

All other banks charge a fee that is $1,50 or higher.

Your own bank may also charge a fee. Charles Schwab and Capital One (financial institutions from the USA) don’t charge a fee when you withdraw money from an ATM in Ecuador.