Olón Security Plan (June 2021)

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[This is a translation of the Olón Security Plan as concluded by the comuna of Olón in June 2021. You can download the original document here: PLAN OLÓN SEGURO (June 2021) (Word-document, 3 MB).]

The Olón comuna is one of the most privileged destinations for nature because it is surrounded by so much scenic beauty, we have grown touristically, and we have so much potential to continue developing. One of the characteristics of Olón is preferred by nationals and foreigners: BECAUSE IT IS A COMMUNITY, QUIET, SAFE, PEACE, RELAX, FAMILY. However, in recent months we have suffered from many acts of crime due to the presence of strangers to the community that is putting at risk this reputation that we have achieved with such effort. So we are not going to allow criminal acts to lower our prestige towards visitors. Tranquility and peace must once again be our main strengths.

It is emerging to undertake A SECURITY PLAN: OLÓN SEGURO, which guarantees the protection of citizens against criminal acts, for which the communal Institution proposes this alternative that will mitigate the impacts of crime. This issue is of serious concern to all of us who live in the locality. Therefore, it is everyone's duty to contribute in different ways so that this plan works. There are two ways to face it: from the citizenship and from the competent authorities such as the Ministry of National Government and the Government of Santa Elena. Due to the lack of attention, efficiency, and effectiveness, it is necessary to take the citizen initiative showing that we are united and contribute to the solution. We have proposed several alternatives:


It is vital to have community security guards or brigade members. Currently there is an adequately trained community Risk and Security committee which for several months has voluntarily collaborated facing many cases, without receiving any remuneration, they have helped the community.
- However, we consider that we need, through the National Police, and the military, to continue to train and train more citizens willing to contribute to security, so we have asked the authorities to define the powers that this group can exercise.
- We have planned to start with 5 guards who will be given a monthly economic incentive of $ 300. With the full assurance that the number will increase due to the contributions of the organizations. The institution has a budget of $ 300.00 per month for a guard.
- It is necessary to equip them with uniforms, pants, vests, shirts, caps, flashlights, wands, communication radios.
- It is necessary to have a headquarters for the guards where they have an attention center.
- Support for mobility is needed with fuels, oils, and maintenance of their own vehicles that they voluntarily make available.


We consider the location of security cameras in strategic places in the community to maintain our own surveillance from the operation center of the community guards.
- Due to the vastness of the territory, a wireless internet installation is technically required and not a wiring system.
- The maximum number of cameras will depend on the contributors. The comuna has $ 1,000 for this project.
- We attach a proforma of a company that has been quoted with the cost of 6 cameras.
- The goal would be to reach all sectors with at least 15 cameras.


The location of signs with warning messages in strategic and visible places to serve as calls for attention.
a. FORBIDDEN ASKING FOR MONEY IN PUBLIC SPACES AND BUSINESSES: There is a large presence of people asking for money in businesses and homes, many of them causing problems, insults and invasion of private property.
b. DRUG CONSUMPTION PROHIBITED IN PUBLIC SPACES: The presence of people consuming substances and drugs in public places where citizens, tourists, children, and young people travel, becoming a danger to society.
c. PERSON WHO IS FOUND OFFENDING WILL BE PUNISHED AND DELIVERED TO THE AUTHORITY: it is a warning for people who commit criminal acts of any kind.
d. CAMPING FORBIDDEN: Camping is not allowed on the beach or in public places. Those who violate these rules will be evicted by the security guards.


All the people who have establishments and rental places must have a record of their tenants and guests. They must fill out a control form. Control operations will be carried out permanently through the security guards in the company of the national police.

[See the original document for this form.]


- Militarize streets and public spaces. We request 5 soldiers to carry out rounds in morning and night shifts.
- Our counterpart as a community is to provide accommodation and food.
- We ask the Commander of the National Police to add 6 more officers to strengthen the work in the wide circuit and territory that they must cover.
- We ask the Ministry of Government for budgets for the construction of a properly equipped building in our community.
-- We ask the Department of Migration for operations to control undocumented people who live in the community.