Local taxes Cuenca

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Property tax


If you pay your property tax in the first half of January (until January 15), you get a discount of 10%. If you are a senior (65 years or older) you can get an additional discount.

Where can you pay?

You can pay the property tax at:

  • Municipal office at Cuenca Airport (second floor)
  • Tesorería Municipal on the southern side of the Parque Abdón Calderón
  • ETAPA office at the corner of Calle Tarqui and Calle Gran Colombia
  • Municipal office in Parque de la Libertad
  • Registro de la Propiedad
  • Farmasol stores
  • Cooperativa JEP
  • Western Union
  • Website Cuenca En Línea

To get the additional discount as a senior, you always have to visit an office of the municipality.