Ecuador Visa Waiver for Tourists Extension

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Citizens from most countries can get a visa waiver for tourists. This visa waiver allows them to stay in Ecuador visa-free for 90 or 180 days. The number of days depends on their citizenship. If you’ve got a visa waiver for 90 days and want to stay more than 90 days in Ecuador, you can apply for a visa waiver extension that gives you 90 additional visa-free days. These additional days are consecutive days. Every day, one of these 90 visa-free days is consumed, whether you are in Ecuador or not. During these 90 days you can revisit Ecuador as many times as you want.

How to apply for a visa waiver extension

You can apply for a visa waiver for tourists extension at a migration office or online.

To apply for your extension, you first need to have consumed all 90 days for which you got your visa waiver. You have 20 days to get the extension (day 91 to day 110, so to speak). It may feel strange to apply for the extension after consuming all visa-free days, but you really need to wait until 91. Staying in Ecuador after having consumed all visa-free days is not a problem until more than 20 days after the last consumed visa-free day, but if you meanwhile leave Ecuador without an extension, you will get a fine at the border. This fine is $200, but you only have to pay this fine if you want to return to Ecuador within one year.

A: Applying at a migration office

Step 1: Download and fill out the application form.
To obtain the extension, you will first have to fill out this form (pdf): formulario de solicitud de prórroga para el permiso de permanencia autorizada.

Step 2: Visit a migration office.
The migration offices are officially called Oficinas de Servicio de Apoyo Migratorio (SAM).

>> List of migration offices

All offices want to process your application within one day. Therefore, it’s best to visit your office somewhere in the morning. This gives you enough time to pay the fee at a local bank office and return to the migration office on the same day.

Bring with you the application form and your passport.

Step 3: Pay the fee.
A migration officer will check your passport and your migratory history. If everything is fine, the migration officer will give you a small piece of paper with payment instructions. With this paper, you need to go to a branch of Banco del Pacífico to deposit the fee of $141.66. The bank will charge $0.50 as transaction fee. Keep the payment receipt, because you will have to show it at the migration office.

Banco del Pacífico

You can only pay the fee at a branch of Banco del Pacífico, a modern, state-owned bank. To find the nearest office of Banco del Pacífico, you can type in Banco del Pacífico in Google Maps or a similar service.

Step 4: Receive your extension.
After paying the fee, you need to return to the immigration office. Here, you need to give the payment receipt to an immigration officer, who will grant you a 90-days extension. The extension will be sent as a pdf-document to your e-mail address.

B: Applying online

You can start your online application on this website: Emisión y registro de prórroga migratoria para permanencia en el país. During your application you will be asked for a copy of your passport. This needs to be a real copy and not a picture taken with mobile phone. Like the applicants who go to a migration office to make their applications, you will need to go to a local Banco de Pacífico branch to pay the fee.

Staying in Ecuador after the visa waiver extension

If you want to stay in Ecuador after having consumed all 90 days of the visa waiver extension, you will need to apply for a visa. See Visas and Entry for all options.

Tourist visa

Until February 2021, it was possible to apply for a 180-days tourist visa to stay 180 additional days in Ecuador after the visa waiver. This visa doesn't exist anymore. The current 90-days tourist visas are only available for people who are not eligible for the visa waiver for tourists.