Cuenca Home and Garden Shopping Guide

Johan Klok | Last update:

Christmas Items

Salon de Navidad is probably the most beautiful temporary Christmas store in Cuenca. It usually opens at the end of October. It is located next to toy store Juguetón in Multiplaza Miraflores. You get a discount if you show your Supermaxi/Megamaxi card. If you are looking for a good quality Christmas tree you should definitely visit this store.

Francis Importadora (Facebook Page) has a temporary Christmas store on Avenida Manuel J. Calle next to the Shopping Center El Vergel.

Importadora Cumpleaños (Facebook Page) also has a variety of Christmas ornaments from October. This store is located on the outskirts of Cuenca along the road towards Loja and Machala.

Other stores where you can buy Christmas items are Fusion Home Deco Store (Facebook Page) on Calle Simón Bolívar and Calle Mariano Cueva in Cuenca's city center, the various stores of Coral Hipermercados, and Superstock (located in front of Coral Centro, one of the Coral Hipermercados stores that sells Christmas items).

Space Heaters

The are two types of space heaters available in Cuenca: electric space heaters (calefactores) and gas space heaters. In the past, an expat couple died from carbon monoxide poisoning in Cuenca, so you may want to avoid gas heaters if there is not enough ventilation in your home.

You can buy electric heaters at Kywi and Coral Hipermercados. At TÍA you can buy small electric heaters.

Many locals buy Raguzzi gas heaters. You can buy these gas heaters at Ferretería Continental (Calle Loja and Avenida Remigio Crespo in Cuenca). This store also sells tubes and regulators for these gas heaters.