Johan Klok2022-07-21T03:30:50.221

Bogota's new Cancer Treatment and Research Center has been inaugurated

Today, the Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Cancer Treatment and Research Center (CTIC) in Bogotá has been inaugurated. The construction of this new hospital started in 2017 and was completed earlier this year. 

The CTIC aims to position itself as a leading hospital in technology, treatment, and research on cancer. It is equipped with a total of 12 functional clinical units, one for each type of cancer. The hospital has high-tech equipment such as the CyberKnife system, a non-invasive robotic alternative used for radiosurgery in the treatment of tumors. Among its facilities are also 56 infusion chairs for chemotherapy, nine operating rooms, and 30 intensive care beds. 

The CTIC is owned and operated by the Sarmiento Angulo Cancer Treatment and Research Center Foundation, which is a non-profit institution. 

The services of the CTIC are available to all citizens and residents of Colombia, regardless of their type of healthcare affiliation. If you need the services of this new hospital, you can make a request at your EPS. Family members of patients will be allowed to accompany them 24 hours a day.