Johan Klok2022-08-16T00:30:00

Ecuador's murder rate per August 15, 2022: 23 (after extrapolation)

From Azuayo

There have been 2,571 violent deaths recorded in Ecuador between January 1 and 05:00 on August 15. In administrative zone 8, made up of Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón, cantons of the province of Guayas, there have 866 violent deaths been recorded.

This means that, so far this year, on average, a dozen people are murdered every day in Ecuador, which is equivalent to one case every two hours. Compared to 2021, taking the same period as a reference, there is an increase of 53.8% in violent deaths in Ecuador: 1,385 more, according to official figures, to which Diario EXPRESO had access. In zone 8, the increase is 57.1%, with 495 more deaths.

Calculation of the murder rate

(277 days / 366 days) * (2571 murders) / (18 million habitants / 100.000 ) = 23 murders per 100.000 habitants

USA statistics (as comparison)

See the picture below.