Johan Klok2022-11-15T16:52:00

Cuenca crime update: "Cuenca suffers from an onslaught of crime"

Newspaper El Mercurio has published an article about the current situation in Cuenca regarding crime.

Key points from the article:

  • Several police stations in Cuenca are barricaded with metal fences to prevent attacks.
  • There is fear and uncertainty among the inhabitants.
  • Last week, hitmen on motorcycles shot at three people in a car. Two of the victims are in a hospital with a reserved prognosis. One of the victims has been sentenced for the crime of robbery in Guayaquil.
  • Last week, A 25-year-old woman was murdered. The presumed murderer was her cohabitant and has been arrested by the police.
  • There was also a kidnapping, but no information about this kidnapping is known other than the arrival of police officers of the Anti-Kidnapping and Extortion Unit to carry out an operation.
  • There are daily robberies of people, homes, businesses, motorcycles and car accessories.
  • The province of Azuay has recently got 160 new police officers. There are now 1,856 police officers working in Azuay.
  • 180 police officers do investigative and intelligence work.
  • The aim is to incorporate 1,000 new police officers in Azuay within the next three years.
  • Street operations have been intensified with the support of the army.
  • In several areas in the Cuenca urban area, inhabitants organize nightly surveillance tours to prevent crime.